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What Is Canicross?

What is canicross?

Canicross is a growing sport involving cross country running and your dog, originating from sled dog mushing, hence some of the mushing terms used by some. You and your dog have special harnesses on, connected by a specific bungee line, this allows your dog to pull when running in front of you safely. You then train your dog to respond to directional ques, such as ‘line out’, back, left and right or gee and haw.

Canicross is a fantastic and fun way of exercising with your dog, and all dogs can take part big or small! It also has an added bonus of being a great bond building exercise with your dog, as you have to work together as a team. As your dog is connected to you it is something a dog with poor recall or reactivity issues can take part in as well. Due to the popularity of Canicross you can take it as far as you want from just a lovely social run/hike with likeminded friends or group members, to World Championship levels.

If you are looking to give Canicross or Canihike a try get in touch, I offer 1-1, tasters, one off workshops and beginner sessions. Get in touch via email at

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