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Adventure Walks - £18 per Group Walk


 Total length of service 1.5 -2.5  hours. Includes pick up and drop off, minimum of one full hour structured walk out and about in the gorgeous woodlands, hills, heaths and riversides that Surrey has to offer, please get in touch to arrange your meet and greet. 


Solo Walks - POA

A 1-1 walk with your dog.

(Price can vary depending on individual dogs needs) Please email with more details so I am better able to quote based on both you and your dogs needs. This walk is ideal if you are currently working with your dog on specific behaviours, or possibly they might need additional space to avoid reactivity based stresses. 

***Subject to availability. These walks are great for working on loose lead walking skills, recall, and similar behaviours you are already working on and can help generalise the learning into other areas***

Additional Walking Services


Pop ins - Start at £8

Puppy Walks - Start at £15

Additional services are quoted based on you and your pups needs and can be customised provided my availability allows. 


Canicross - £20-£35 (I run your dog for you)

If you have a dog who you think would enjoy Canicross, but don't want to or can't run with them yourself. I am happy to help with a weekly/fortnightly run! I provide full kit for your dog to use whilst out with me on the trails. Meaning you don't need to worry about purchasing a harness, line or belt. Over the weeks I can help them build confidence, and fitness in harness, developing canicross directional cues and focus. This is great for high energy dogs, who need a job to provide breed specific enrichment. Dogs must be a minimum of 12 months, 18 for large breeds of dogs. This is ideal for those high energy breeds such as vizslas, pointers, springers and other 'working' type dogs.

For all other Canicross related services check out my sister business, Surrey Canicross

Canicross Teaching/1-1/groups and classes


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