Run for fun with your dog.

Are you wanting to learn to run with your dog, work on building up your fitness level and further that owner dog bond?

Then canicross or canihike might be the perfect thing for you and your dog. 

My canicross courses are suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to running and canicross, to those who having been running for you as well as those who would much prefer to hike! All dogs are welcome to my class, from the small yet mighty to the larger than life doggy giants! Although I have been canicrossing for a while now, I recently joined forces with the wonderful people at Cani-Fit. I am a fully certified Cani-Fit Leader, as such I have a lot to offer during my session. 


1-1 Sessions

1-1's – A personal session, maybe you are new and nervous about a class environment, or you would like to work on a specific que/command or issue.


Group Sessions

Beginner Classes – Held in four week blocks, starting from the beginning and working our way up, learning new commands and building up your confidence and team work.

My sessions are not just a fun run with your dog, but a tailored class to help you learn the most about canicross with your dog. With the added bonus of getting a bit fitter and coming away with a growing excitement!

Canicross is fun, safe, social, teambuilding, fitness improving, and limitless.

I have a very large kit bag, so for beginners intro sessions and beginners classes I will most undoubtable have kit for you to try on for fit and comfort.