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Welcome from
Hoppes Hounds

Have your dog walked with someone who truly loves dogs. 


DBS Checked


Experienced and Qualified/Certified in: Canine Behaviour Level 3 (4 is a work in progress), Canine Anxiety and Rehabilitation, Canine Body Language, Canine First Aid and more, over 20 courses under my belt from IMDT, CANIFIT, Canine Principles and more.  Each year I allocate funds to continue my education in all things Canine, starting 2023 with a Canine Sports Instructors Course in Jan and renewing my Canine First Aid in April.

Canicross Leader Certified,

Scooterjor/Bikejor Instructor

Please shoot me an email for more information at

What happens on our walks? 

My most commonly used motto is in regards to dogs is, 'Set the dogs up for success', and this starts from before collection all the way to drop off. Dogs who might be a bit nervous or struggle to focus, I work on calm collections.


 I only force free methods (treats, toys, or other things your dog finds reinforcing) and solely at your dogs pace. This might mean that for the first walk or more that we take things slow and I only offer solo walks until your dog is comfortable with me. If their humans are home I try to avoid chatting, so no one becomes bored or frustrated and they don't have to spend any long traveling that needed. My Collection route is planned according to final walk location, to keep it smooth and efficient so you will get a time slot(9-9:45 for example) for pick ups.

My walk locations are chosen specifically, scouted several times, and are often a little drive out from Epsom for our adventures. Travel times are kept to a minimum, but I strictly avoid high traffic areas/parks/etc. Areas are chosen based on risk assessment, which includes strict criteria on visibility, popularity, proximity to busy roads, horse riders, livestock, trainlines, and more.

Making the most of the beautiful areas Surrey has to offer, I uses the locations to provide a variety of canine enrichment, and breed specific enrichments. From meadow, and sweeping hills for zoomies, to cool river swims for the dogs and me in the warm weather months. We often play in the woods doing canine parkour over fallen trees and explore all the rabbit holes, and deer tracks through the sweeping woodlands.  On each walk we generally play lots of different games designed to reinforce eye contact, focus, recall, off lead heel and more. As each one of these skills is vital to our walks. 

Sometimes we have the perfect weather and the dogs are in the right mind frame, so we turn our walks into a impromptu run at their pace. This might be Canicross style, or your dog might free run along side me. For this your dog needs to be fit and healthy, and old enough, there is no upper age limit for this, as many dogs 10 years or older love a good run.  If you feel this is something that your dog can't take part in, let me know :) 

However with all of this comes a price, I believe in lettings dogs engage with their natural environment for maximum enrichment, as this promotes calm, happy, well balanced dogs! Sometimes it good to let your dog be a dog. This means they will get muddy and mucky when out with me, I am not a groomer, so I will not be bringing your dog back to you clean. If you do want your dog brought back to you clean, I am not your walker. 

I will towel them off before dropping them back, but let me know if you would like them left somewhere specific when dropped home. If you have fleeces, coats and your dog is happy to wear them leave them out for me to pop on before our walks. 

As always please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Home: Welcome

I pride myself on my patience, kindness and competence. All dogs are individuals, each with their own story. So I can't wait to get to know you and your canine companion.

You can rest easy knowing that I am fully insured, DBS checked.  I also have years of experienced handling my own dogs as well as having studied Canine Behaviour, Body Language, and Confidence. I am certain I can help you.    


I am based in Epsom.

If you would like to book a meet and greet or a trial walk, please get in touch via email.




Group Walks - £18

(This is a small group only, service is normally 1.5 -2  hours although sometimes can be longer. Includes pick up and drop off, minimum of one full hour structured walk),

Solo Walks - POA

A 1-1 walk with your dog.

(Price can vary depending on individual dogs needs) Please email with more details so I am better able to quote based on both your dogs needs. This walk is ideal if you are currently working on your dog who has additional needs, reactivity, sensitives. 

***Subject to availability***

Additional Walking Services

Pop ins - Start at £8

Puppy Walks - Start at £15

Additional services are quoted based on you and your pups needs and can be customised provided my availability allows. 


Canicross - Per Session £30

If you have a dog who you think would enjoy Canicross, but don't want to or can't run with them yourself. I am happy to help with a weekly/fortnightly run! I provide full kit for your dog to use whilst out with me on the trails. Meaning you don't need to worry about purchasing a harness, line or belt. Over the weeks I can help them build confidence, and fitness in harness, developing canicross directional cues and focus. This is great for high energy dogs, who need a job to provide breed specific enrichment.

For all other Canicross related services check out my sister business, Surrey Canicross

Canicross Teaching/1-1/groups and classes


The founder of Hoppes Hounds, Dog Walker, Canicross Leader and more.

Em has a keen interest in behavioural work, how dogs learn, think and their motivations, and loves doing courses to further her knowledge.

Her current canine partners are Turbo and Joy, some of you will recognise T by his unique looks. He is a rescue Ibizan Hound and the sole reason Em dedicated herself to learning everything about Canicross, and Bikejor!  Early in 2022 Em saw a pointers adoption plea and not long after her home check was done home came Joy. Joy is learning the canicross ropes and is always happy for a cuddle! Always at her happiest in the woods, covered in mud, hanging out with the dogs normally hunting for cool looking mushrooms to photograph. 


Contact Me

Please get in touch if I seem like the right Dog Walker for you and your pet. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for submitting!



Absolutely thrilled at finding such an understanding and compassionate dog walker. We would highly recommend Emma 



He always come back happy, with a definite improvement on some of his manners

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