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Run for fun with your dog(s)!

We are nearly approaching week three of my canicross sessions. Last week we looked at directional work, and how to build this into every day walks so we can really get solid cues in there. We also talked about different surfaces and the impact that can have on both you and your dog when running.

When out running with your dog it is important that you take into consideration your dogs comfort. We already know that it is vital to have correctly fitting harnesses, lines and belts to maximise safety and impact. But we also need to take into consideration hydration, warms ups and cool downs. It might seem simple, and once you get used to it, it is! But initially it can be a lot to take on. Which is why we build upon it week by week, sessions by session, block by block.

I want my canicrossers to be confident when out running with me, on their own or with their friends. To feel empowered, and have a solid bond and relationship with their dog. But most of all, I want them to come away from each and every run with me smiling and feeling like not only did they learn something knew, that they have improved.

If you are looking to try canicross yourself, please do drop me an email. Even if I am too far out for you to join my sessions, I might be able to host and event near you, or refer you to someone awesome in your area.

Next week we are going to be covering starting with focus, and passes! Its going to be a fantastic session and I am already looking forward to it.

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