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New Run Belt Review!

Recently I decided to try out a new belt, I am a bit of a kit geek, and I like trying out new and different products, in the quest to find…..the one!

So this month I trialled the Run Lite Artic Wolf Canicross Belt. You can purchase it from Cani-Fit using the link found here:

I have tried my best to put this through all the strain I can, using it for running, hiking and my general dog walking business needs as well, just so I can test it and see what it is capable of. I ran with two very large heavy pulling dogs as well as my smaller spaniel sized buddies. The belt excelled!

This belt is extremely light weight, easy to adjust and once fitted correctly stays put and doesn’t need readjusting during your run! (YAY!) It has several areas to adjust it, from the back straps to the front pull point, so you can really personalise the fitting to your needs.

The main selling point for me with this belt was the soft padded section that sits perfectly along your bottom, most belts this is squared, or ill/poorly fitting. The Artic Wolf has solved this by curving the section so it form fits beautifully. The leg straps are very comfortable, and are easily adjusted from the back, so you don’t have excess straps dangling around in front of you as you are running. Over all this is a very supportive belt, light weight, comfortable and doesn’t have some of the niggling issues that other brands do suffer with.

Once again I want to thank the lovely Lindsay from Cani-Fit for the incredible recommendations for kit!

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