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Leaping into Spring

One of the reasons I wanted to set up my business, Hoppes Hounds, is to combine my two great loves. Dogs, and the great out doors. Nothing invigorates me more than getting outside into the open air with a canine companion and just taking a moment to breathe.

Since moving to Surrey from Essex many years ago I have learnt many things. One of which is hills, and wow does Surrey have some! The dogs absolutely love running up and down the slopes, in and out of the bracken. It makes for some incredibly calm, happy and sleepy dogs post walk as well as creating a unique environment for some games. We make use of all the logs, puddles, fallen trees, playing finding, jumping, hiding games to get all their senses working.

The hills, commons and woodlands provide me and fantastic environment to exercise personally as well as a fantastic place to take your dogs.

To start the booking process please do email me at and we can arrange a socially distanced meet and greet.

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