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Harnesses and Rescue Dogs

Happy Weekend! I wanted to share this fantastic video post shared recently by one of my favorite dog rescues, SOS Podenco Rescue.

I hear on a daily basis stories of rescue dogs, and nervous dogs, getting lose somehow and running off. Nearly always the story starts with, they slipped out of their harness or their collar. These situations sometimes end up harmlessly with the dog running back, or getting collected by another dog owner. However, sometimes they end up in absolute tragic situations with dogs wandering lost and scared for weeks/months, or getting injured and killed.

Most of these situations could have been prevented by purchasing a correctly fitting 3 point harness. (Yes I underlined that and put it in bold.) These harnesses are almost impossible for the dogs to wriggle out of suddenly scared by something. They nearly always have multiple attachment points on, which can be very useful for loose lead walk training, plus they DO NOT restrict movement. Lots of these very flashy, fashionable harnesses are poorly designed, and restrict chest and shoulder movement.

Here is the fab video I was talking about, it gives you an insight as to how easy it is for a nervous dog to slip these designs.[0]=AT2TGEokvoLTw0V1DLdwBZWKQTpytOFBvPh9Q8uMuU1UBIDTUuzhBAm7tWX2xmCvHXWuntQNB_PD1soJMFtmjiF14dyIFJeZMydzqlnfcqmLZufkXSpFNaWgE7skvjHgwYaMgsW70nBP1HA7lkil2GAbey0xdiuBjQfNe7L2D[0]=AT2TGEokvoLTw0V1DLdwBZWKQTpytOFBvPh9Q8uMuU1UBIDTUuzhBAm7tWX2xmCvHXWuntQNB_PD1soJMFtmjiF14dyIFJeZMydzqlnfcqmLZufkXSpFNaWgE7skvjHgwYaMgsW70nBP1HA7lkil2GAbey0xdiuBjQfNe7L2DVlZijjHbVcfsgbFvYak-B5YnH2yUjAvld5PqU23XmgK1q-i-rVsTk94Zl4_bBE6Ri5R3_oIvWOZsQVlZijjHbVcfsgbFvYak-B5YnH2yUjAvld5PqU23XmgK1q-i-rVsTk94Zl4_bBE6Ri5R3_oIvWOZsQ

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