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Happy Hounds, Happy Friends

Not all dogs get along, in fact some dogs really do prefer being left alone by other dogs, and people. They actually thrive in this manor, it is a common misconception that all dogs need to be around other dogs to be happy. This simply isn't true. For this reason it is incredibly important to understand your dogs, and other dogs body language. For those dogs who don't enjoy the company of others, subjecting them to other dogs invading their personal space will cause conflict, stress and anxiety. So take a moment when out and about with your dog, take into consideration their body posture, tail position, eyes, face, mouth, ears. Spending time learning about canine communication can save yourself and your dog a huge amount of stress.

However some dogs absolutely love having a dog friend to play dog games with. One such duo is T and Ralph! They are very similarly matched in terms of size and age, as well as personality. They love the chance to play, they run, chase, bounce on each other and generally have a great time. They are also very respectful of each other, and constantly check in to make sure the other is still playing and isn't tired, bored or fed up. Watching these two play is an absolute pleasure, and truly makes me happy.

Last weekend, I decided to pair them up together for a happy, sniffy, enrichment based walk. We played lots of sniffy games, which encouraged them to use their noses to figure out how to get the treats. We also worked on Ralph's over eagerness to greet every single dog he meets out and about. Which I am happy to report he was absolutely fab at. All in all we three had a lovely morning out, and the boys got treated to a puppacino at the end of their walk.

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