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Courses, Training and Certification

Happy last day of June everyone! I thought i'd take a moment to talk about the improvement, I am putting into my business so that I am able to offer a higher standard of service for those charges in my care.

Over the last few months, I have started an accredited course to study in depth the science being the behavior and training of dogs. I am currently half way through this pre-degree level course and am already chomping at the bit to start level 4, which is 12 months long! Through the duration of this course I have do several mini courses and a smattering of webinars too.

Hopefully this will enable me to offer more 1-1 training walks/sessions, so I can help clients with more specific issues.

I pride myself in offering an outstanding service catering to the needs of the dogs, using only positive, scientifically proven and respectful methods of handling and working with the dogs. My walks are not only walks, we hike, we run, sometimes swim and we explore the world using all the canine senses to bring a high level of enrichment into each day.

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