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Canicross - The next sessions.

Canicross Sessions:

I am currently holding a taster session on the 9th October, with weekly progressive sessions afterwards for those who would like to learn more.

Each session will be done in different locations, from Epsom Common, Princes Covet, Ashstead Common, Ranmore Common, Oxshot Common (Esher), Banstead and more. The reason for this is to build up your canicross skills in different locations over varied terrains expanding your knowledge and building your confidence as the weeks go by.

Every week we are going to cover something new from directional cues, passing, trail etiquette, canicross etiquette, downhills/uphills, canine confidence, and more. After our 4 learning blocks we will head out for an adventure run to put things into a proper trail run, so we can see your progress from your first week.

After your intro session, if you would like to come to further sessions you can book in. Sessions are booked in blocks of 6 weeks. The next selection of blocks starts Saturday 9th October with the following locations. Please make sure you are available for all the dates, email me to get the full details of them for safety reasons I will not post them on an open public forum like this.

All group sessions start at 7:00am and will last for approximately 1 hour in which we can expect to cover between 4-6kms. The beginner sessions are for new runners/canicrossers, we are not going to be going fast and we will slowly build your fitness and your dogs fitness up. So do not panic about the distances, as we will take our time and only go as fast as the slowest is comfortable with. All locations have a parking and a reasonable sized carpark. Please bring head torches, as although we will be running into the sunrise, it will be dark.

Once you have a good basic skill set, and confidence I will open up my evening bookings for night runs! These are great fun, and you really get to see the innate canine magic that all dogs have. For these you WILL need head torches and some form of reflective belt/ jacket or similar.

Kit, I do have a kit bag to borrow from which is exceptionally good if you want to try different things out to see what would fit best. I also have promo codes for all attendees so they can get money off their own kit.

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