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How much does it cost?

 Please see for full details, current sessions (when in season), club membership and booking details. 


How do I sign up/pay? 

Shoot me an email! Sessions are £10 for group sessions, and you can pay per session or book a block. Group sessions are on a Saturday morning and the locations will be sent out well in advance. Currently much like my walking clients I will invoice you, you can pay via card, or paypal, whichever is easiest. I will be building and online booking system, in which you will be able to book blocks up in advance. I just need so figure out how first! 

What Do I need? 

  • Wear trail trainers and clothes you can exercise in

  • Bring water and a treats for your dog post run

  • Unsuitable for dogs under 12 months

  • Do not feed your dog for approx. 2 hours prior to class start

  • We will run in all weathers provided it is safe to do so. If I cancel a session it is for a safety reason.


I'm scared my dog will pull me over?

This is the most common question I get, and the answer is NO! In all the time I have been canicrossing, I have fallen once. This was because I slipped on ice! You will be surprised at how much control you have. We will start slowly and build not only your confidence up, but that of your dogs too. Working on the fundamentals to strengthen the bond you have with your dog as well as building in the command cues needed to canicross successfully. Canicross is a skill, the more you work on it the better you will be, it does take time. But I promise you, it is worth it! 

Are you sessions suited to me? 
My canicross courses are suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to running and to canicross. I am a certified Cani-Fit Canicross Leader, meaning I am up to date with all the latest canicross training I offer thorough sessions which build up your skill and confidence levels week by week. 

I offer:  

Beginner Intro Session – One off session held to see if you would like to learn more.

Beginner Classes – Held in four week blocks, starting from the beginning and working our way up, learning new commands and building up your confidence and team work.

Adventure Runs -  Feeling confident and want to go a bit further? Possibly try a new trail or a longer more technical variation of one we have covered before? Adventure runs tend to be a faster paced run than our normal classes, often in different locations from normal or covering much longer distances. I will be there to help guide the route and help with canicross advice as we go.


1-1 A personal session, maybe you are new and nervous about a class environment, or you would like to work on a specific que/command or issue.



My sessions are not just a fun run with your dog, but a tailored class to help you learn the most about canicross with your dog. With the added bonus of getting a bit fitter and coming away with a growing excitement!


Canicross is fun, safe, social, teambuilding, fitness improving, and limitless.

I have a very large kit bag, so for beginners intro sessions and beginners classes I will most undoubtable have kit for you to try on for fit and comfort.


Beginners Sessions:

This block is for those completely new to canicross, or people who would like to work through the basic fundamentals of canicross with their dog whilst getting fitter. Commands, stamina, terrains, trail etiquette, kit and much more will be covered in these classes. This class is also perfect for dogs who need a little more space or time to work on skills  These session are not fast, we generally cover between 4-5kms but at a slow pace with breaks in between so we can cover our topics.





Fair warning, Canicross and Canihiking, is a WINTER sport, there will be mud, rain, cold weather. You will get muddy, you will most likely get wet as well. This is part of the fun and experience. Please bring warm socks/dry clothing to layer on afterwards. For your dogs, please bring a towel at the very least or a drying robe for them post session.


Ideally should have some grippy trainers to get started and some comfortable lightweight exercise clothing, something you can move freely in and that you don’t mind getting muddy. Trail shoes are the ideal but ordinary trainers will be enough to let you get started. Wellies are not suitable. In winter you will need a headtorch for the evening classes. I am happy to lend newcomers the necessary canicross belt and bungee line.



Dog, should ideally have a well-fitting comfortable harness, newcomers can borrow a canicross harness to let you get started. 

As a back up in case I don’t have your dog’s size, please always bring their own walking gear as back up. You cannot use anything that is anti-pull. If in doubt, get in touch.

If you are borrowing kit from me, please come along a bit earlier and let me know in advance so I can ensure I have something suitable for you.

If there is anything not covered in this section then please email me. 

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